SR wheel block system –
inconspicuous all-rounders for cranes and systems


Wheel blocks are unobtrusive all-rounders in STAHL CraneSystems’ range of products. However the potential applications for these reliable heavyweights are practically unlimited: storage and retrieval machine, gantry crane or stadium roof – our wheel blocks can get practically anything heavy moving. The rigorously modular system is designed for wheel loads from 5 t to 30 t. You can choose from six wheel diameters: 125, 160, 200, 250, 315 and 400 mm.
The compact units consist of a metal housing with integrated wheel. Available in various designs, they are bolted or welded to customers' machine or system components.

STAHL CraneSystems: IECEx, ATEX, Ex

As with all our components and systems, the SR wheel block system is available as an option in explosion-protected design.


SR wheel block system –
the advantages

  • Universal use for wheel loads from 5 t to 30 t in 6 frame sizes
  • 5 standard configurations provide maximum flexibility for connecting to customers’ structural steelwork
  • Reliable drives for every requirement
  • Wheel in spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-700 (GGG70), with flanges on both sides for quiet running and reducing wear on the runway
  • Self-lubrication ensures minimum wear
  • Lifetime lubrication of roller bearings
  • Maintenance-friendly as wheel can simply be pulled out to the front
  • Up-to-date manufacturing technology with lasered sheet steel parts
  • Inherently stable housing enclosed on
    5 sides
  • Generously dimensioned ground clearance
  • Space-saving pancake gear
    (on request)
  • SFD frequency inverter (on request)


Option: guide rollers
The standard guide rollers are designed for flanged wheels. In special cases, guide rollers can be mounted on the wheel block. This version is used for example with overwide rails or to reduce rolling resistance. The use of additional guide rollers is also important to reduce skew forces and thus minimise wear on the runway rail.
  Wheel block equipped with travel drive:
as standard, with two speeds, in IP 55 protection and with high duty cycle of
60 % DC.


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SR Wheel Blocks

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