KS light crane technology

The modular KS light crane system offers versatile material handling solutions with ergonomic and efficient workflow.
The profiles and trolleys are optimally adapted to our chain hoist programme.

  STAHL CraneSystems: light crane technology 

Modular system
KS light crane technology offers three profile variants with a maximum S.W.L. of up to 2,000 kg. UKA profiles and guide elements are precision-machined. This simplifies erection and ensures that the profiles are accurately aligned. Single or double girder overhead travelling cranes, monorail runways and circular runways, and challenging solutions with combinations of straight sections, bends, switch points and turntables can be constructed quickly.

State-of-the-art trolleys with nylon wheels
To ensure that the load is transported smoothly and quietly, we employ trolleys with narrow nylon wheels which are mounted on ball-bearings and retained. Depending on profile size, the trolleys are self-centring or equipped with guide rollers which ensure the horizontal guidance is accurate even in bends. Thanks to the modular construction, manual trolleys can be retroactively combined with electric trolleys. Even the combination of different profile sizes is possible.

  STAHL CraneSystems: light crane technology 
STAHL CraneSystems: KS light crane technology 

KS light crane technology –
the advantages

  • Closed UKA profiles of quality high-tensile steel RSt-37-2 with powder coating
  • Modular design, easy to erect
  • 3 frame sizes for load capacities from 63 kg to 2,000 kg
  • Combination of different profiles is possible
  • Monorail runways, single or double girder overhead travelling cranes
  • Cranes in raised design
  • Floating suspension
  • Suspensions with universal joints reduce the horizontal forces acting on the structural steelwork
  • Suspension in various designs and widths
  • Bolt connections, no welding necessary
  • Wide spans
  • Push trolleys for smooth travel
  • Low wear and abrasion thanks to state-of-the-art nylon wheels
  • No limiting of max. distance between suspension and joint necessary up to 1,000 S.W.L.


  • Electric drives, pole-changing or stepless
  • Various suspensions
  • 3 different power supplies, external or internal
  • Free-standing steel portals
  • Hot-dip galvanised profiles for particular ambient conditions


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