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STAHL CraneSystems offers a comprehensive range of products and safety features for crane electrics, ranging from easy-to-operate control pendants to complex control systems.

All electrical components are designed for a long service life and their modular design offers numerous possibilities to combine and extend them.

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STAHL CraneSystems: Crane electrics

Crane electrics from STAHL CraneSystems – the advantages

  • Festoon cable power supply systems
  • Conductor lines:
    no more troublesome festoon cables!
  • Radio remote control switches: safe operation from any position in the shop
  • Rocker-type control pendants
  • Crane controls for hoisting, cross and long travel (divided up or complete in one panel box)
  • Frequency inverters for smooth starting and braking, and stepless lifting and travel. They prevent dangerous load swing and thus let you handle even delicate goods safely.



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The crane components

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Crane Components

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Explosion-Protected Crane Electrics

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